Debate drinking games to liven up the Presidential Election 2016


    Even for those who are not into politics, the 2016 Presidential debate is unescapable. Either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton is set to be the leader of the free world and both have their own controversial views.


    After what we saw in the first debate, the next few scheduled debates are set to be an enlightening and entertaining spectacle. And as anxious as people are at the prospect of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States, the internet has poked fun with a number of funny memes, tweets and games.

    A select few geniuses have invented Hilary v Trump drinking games which will certainly spice up the debate.

    This bingo style card game with some of the peoples ‘favorite’ phrases has been produced and each time one of them is mentioned, you simply take a shot or drink! Such phrases and topics included are “Only I can fix it”, “Make America great again”, “The establishment”, “Many people are saying” whilst the among the topics are denial of climate change, the wall, e-mails, China being brought up without prompt.

    You can also bet that you’ll have to take a drink if Trump says something sexist or Hilary tries a millennial reference she thinks is hip. The first one to get all their cards gets a full house and has to down their drink.

    It’s certainly different from the usual games offered on online bingo sites and offers some lighthearted respite from the affliction of the debate!

    There is a similar a game, this time with a list of Hilary and Trump mannerisms and sayings and you must drink if either one does any. For example, if Hilary coughs then you must drink, as you must if she mentions potential predecessor Barack Obama.

    With regards to Trump, if he uses the phrase “Make America great again”, or mentions the wall and Mexico in the same sentence (both of which inevitable) then you must take a drink, as you must he uses the exact phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”, or makes you feel proud to be American for the first time in what seems like years, though it’d advisable to just take a quick swig for this one otherwise you may not see the debate out. If you pass out before the debate ends, then you lose and it you must do something to make America great again…

    Another drinking game invented specifically for the debate involves you picking either a Trump card (no pun intended) or a Hilary card and then a drink of your choice. There will be a list of topics, words and gestures on each card – Mexico, Emails, China, coughing or sniffing… you guessed it – and each time one comes up you must take a drink. Be sure to keep score and whoever worked their way through the most alcohol wins.