Chris Hemsworth Revealed He Spent Jail Time!


It appears even prison inmates are into Thor actor Chris Hemsworth!

In Chris’ recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, he detailed a bit about his experience when he got locked in prison.

Yep, our good old Thor got himself some jail time but do not worry because he really didn’t do anything to be imprisoned.

It was just all for pure work research on his upcoming film Blackhat.

“I was researching a film and we had to basically go in and research what the inside of a prison looked like and speak with prisoners who wanted to talk to us,” he said.
He then on went to explain that during that time, his blond hair was still long and was in a pony tail.

He donned on a hat to try to stay discreet. However, when the prison authorities informed him that he wasn’t allowed to wear his hat inside, the actor started feeling quite nervous.

However, despite his hesitancy due to fear of being recognized by the inmates, he still reckoned that they probably:

“Don’t get Thor in here.” 

“So I assumed that and the moment I started walking through the cells … I just started getting heckled.” He shared.

“It was like ‘Yo, Thor’s here man. Yo Thor, YO THOR!’

Still trying to do his research, the 32-year-old actor said he tried to blend in but the inmates just wouldn’t let him be.

One even shouted:

“Yo, come spend some time in my cell baby!” 
Looks like even the buff and badass inmates weren’t immune to one of the sexiest men alive on earth!

Chris was hailed as 2014’s sexiest man alive and is still giving us all proof of that with his sexy aura and totally ripped body!

Oh what we wouldn’t give to have those inmates’ position even for just that day! Having Chris locked in the same premises as us will certainly cause some riot!

Source: www.people.com