Chevy’s new electric car promises 200 mile range


Chevy’s new electric car, the Bolt, could revolutionize electric cars and the auto industry according to observers. General Motor’s new electric car could go an impressive 200 mile range at a price that makes it affordable to most people.

The new plug-in electric vehicle of General Motors is one of the first cars out in the market that is affordable for its purported and impressive range. It is by far the highest of all other US models except Tesla’s electric cars.

The company introduced its Chevrolet Bolt on Wednesday at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The “first electric car for the masses,” as some media reports are calling it, will be available for sale later this year for about $30,000, a price that takes into account the maximum $7,500 of federal rebate money available to incentivize electric vehicle (EV) sales.

Tesla’s models on the other hand start at about $70,000 without the rebate, running on an electric charge that lasts for 240 to 286 miles.

The Bolt, a small crossover SUV, is big enough for five passengers and has enough power to drive about 200 miles on one charge, says GM, which would take nine hours to complete with a 240-volt charging unit.

The Bolt may just be the much-needed boost to EV adoption and sales if it proves to be reliable once it hits the market. People are anxious about EVs due to limited driving ranges, and lackluster performance and design.

“The Chevrolet Bolt represents the first serious electric vehicle available to mainstream consumers,” Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book told Wired. “It will be an interesting test to see how the market embraces the Bolt in this era of cheap gas; But from a value and function standpoint, it sets a new benchmark in alternative-fuel options.”

The Bolt is capable of a lot of things and holds tons of innovative technology in it but its success and popularity will hinge on whether it can deliver the promised electric range at a price that is affordable to most people.

Source: csmonitor.com