Can you walk into Dalby Forest?

Whether you’re looking for an easy-going stroll, a stomp through the forest with the family, an accessible trail or ticking off one of the more challenging routes, Dalby has something for everyone – and you won’t beat those views!

How much does Dalby Forest cost?

Just about everything else to do at Dalby Forest is free. What is this? There is a fee of £9 to park at Dalby Forest which you can pay anytime during your visit. Visitors that arrive on foot or by bike do not need to pay to visit.

How hard is Dalby Forest red route?

Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 9 h 38 min to complete. This trail is great for mountain biking. This is a challenging route, mainly for mountain biking. It often has only a few people on it so you can hit it at a fast pace.

How long are the trails at Dalby Forest?

About. There are a number of trails for all abilities available in Dalby Forest. 12.8km (8miles) A simple route on mixed terrain, steep in places.

How long is the Gruffalo trail at Dalby?

Trail Length – 2km. Accessibility. An easy and accessible route on level, surfaced ground. This trail is aimed at families with children aged 3-9, but can be enjoyed by all.

How long is the Superworm trail?

1.5 miles
How long does it take? The trail should keep children entertained for around an hour. We know from experience that the trail near us at Haldon Forest Par is 1.5 miles long, so isn’t a huge challenge for little legs.

How long is Dalby blue route?

Blue Trail (12.8km, Blue) This beginner route combines easy singletrack with open terrain and some steep sections.

How many walking routes are there at Dalby Forest?

With twelve walking routes to choose from a great day out at Dalby Forest can be enjoyed by everyone. Trail maps available to buy from the visitor centre.

How do I save a Dalby Forest file?

Dalby Forest.gpx (On Desktop:Right Click>’Save As. On Ipad/Iphone:Click and hold>Share>Save to Files’) Dalby Forest.mmo (On Desktop:Right Click>’Save As.

Where can I hire a bike in Dalby Forest?

Dalby Forest Cycle Hub offers bikes hire at Low Dalby near the Visitor Centre, while nearby in Thornton le Dale, Dalby Bike Barn is a one-stop-shop for all your bike related needs, whether it’s for bike hire, servicing, a friendly local bike shop, coaching or courses.

What’s it like to walk Thornton-le-Dale forest?

The forest tracks are well set up and there is a pleasant riverside section on the approach to Thornton-le-Dale. Sometimes a forest walk can become a mite tedious which is why they are generally loved more by cyclists than by walkers.