Can you visit Sámi people?

While in Karasjok, visiting the Sápmi Culture Park is a great way to experience the Sámi way of life. You can meet local Sámi people in colourful, traditional costumes, try Sámi cuisine by the open fire, and hear the “joik” (traditional Sámi songs), one of Europe’s oldest surviving music traditions.

Where can I find Sámi people?

Norway is home to most Sami in the world The total population of Sami in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia is estimated to approximately 80,000, and about half of them live in Norway. The vast majority of settlements are located in Northern Norway, primarily the county of Finnmark.

What is special about the Sámi people?

4) The Sámi are best known for reindeer herding. Reindeer meat is used for cooking, leather and fur is used to make shoes and clothing, and antlers and bones make useful tools and decorative objects. The Sámi are also skilled fishers and sheep herders.

Do the Sámi people still exist?

Today, a large proportion of the Sami people live outside the traditional Sami areas and have moved into the towns of Northern Norway or to the Oslo area. Even more, they still live in traditional Sami settlement areas but earn their living in the modern service sector, industry, travel and the public sector.

What do Sámi people eat?

Traditional Sami food has been based on wild food, such as fish, game, reindeer, berries, and herbs which are derived straight from the Arctic nature. Berries – like cloudberry and lingonberry- have been an especially important food, because other kinds of vegetables were not available during the long winters.

What is the lifestyle of the Sami?

Reindeer herding, fishing, hunting and small- scale farming are generally considered to be part of a traditional Sami lifestyle (3). A traditional diet is described as being high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates, with reindeer and wild game as main sources of animal protein (4).

What language do Sami speak?

The Saami languages are Fenno-Ugrian languages spoken from central Sweden and Mid-Southern Norway to the tip of the Kola Peninsula in Russia by 25,000-35,000 speakers. The number of ethnic Saami is probably nearly 100,000.

Do the Sami live in tents?

The Saami people is an indigenous Scandinavian people. They are nomadic and drive their reindeer from grassland to grassland. When tired from walking all day, they make camp with big tipi-like tents. Such a tent is called a Lavvu, and you will find one in Scandinavian Wildlife Park.