Can you use XSplit for free?

Yes. You can use XSplit Broadcaster for free but there will be some restrictions as well as missing features.

Why is XSplit better than OBS?

Xsplit offers an easy and very straight forward kind of setup. You will find its default program extremely easy but users need to work on other settings like tweek resolution etc to get better results. When compared with OBS, the powerful in-game overlays are an advantage for xSplit platform as it initiates easy chats.

What is a XSplit license?

XSplit Broadcaster is a suite of revolutionary audio/video mixing applications that allows anyone to create professional quality content. Both the Logitech C922 and Brio Stream have been integrated with XSplit Broadcaster to give users easy access to all their features.

What is premium XSplit license?

GLOBAL. XSplit Premium is a package of all 3 XSplit products designed to make streaming and recording much easier and more convenient. The package includes:XSplit Broadcaster,XSplit Gamecaster,XSplit VCam.

Is XSplit any good?

XSplit runs smooth and quietly when used for high res, high framerate video capture. It can handle 2k and 4k recordings without hiccups and with a small file size. Video quality is fantastic. The streaming features and overlay features are lacking customisation options, though I don’t really use the software for that.

Should I use XSplit or OBS?

Both OBS and XSplit are capable of recording video as well as live streaming. For local recording, XSplit has x264 and x265 video codecs, so it’s better suited for YouTube uploads than OBS. XSplit also has more options for optimizing audio and video. But OBS has more file format options available, including VLC.

What is the difference between OBS and XSplit?

OBS Studio only allows you to choose from the available resolutions and FPS options, with no option to add custom options for both. XSplit Broadcaster stream resolutions, with 20 to 60 FPS: 640×360. 720×1280.

How good is XSplit?

What is XSplit used for?

XSplit Broadcaster allows users to record or live stream any type of media, while taking advantage of Live TV production features that anyone can learn to master.