Can you use a saddle tapping valve on PVC?

Most saddle valves are designed to work with standard rigid copper pipes—they are not recommended for PVC, CPVC, or PEX plastic pipe. They are also designed for water systems with a maximum pressure of no more than 125 psi.

Can PVC pipe be tapped?

For plastic, PVC is surprisingly strong and resistant to being tapped. I used a large tap wrench to continue taping the pipe. About every 1/2 turn, you need to back off the tap wrench to break the material. This is the same process that you would follow if you were tapping a metal pipe too.

What is a PVC saddle tee used for?

PVC saddles tees, also known as snap tees, are used to create a tee fitting for any section of rigid PVC pipe, without having to cut into the PVC pipe to install a traditional three-ended tee fitting.

What is the difference between a tapping sleeve and a tapping saddle?

Saddle taps – the branch line is connected to a main by a corporation stop that is screwed into a metal saddle that wraps around the pipe. Maximum branch line size is 2-inch. Sleeve taps – the branch line is joined to the main via a connection at a metal sleeve that wraps around the pipe.

What is PVC saddle?

A PVC saddle tee can be used to quickly add a tee in an existing PVC pipe such as those used in irrigation systems. When sprinkler lines are laid out, it can be difficult to accurately anticipate the water coverage until the system is fully tested.

How does a tapping saddle work?

When a pipe is saddle-tapped, equipment is attached to the corporation stop that permits a cutting tool to be fed through the stop to cut a hole in the pipe. During this process, the pipe wall is not threaded as the corporation stop is installed /“threaded” into the tapping saddle.

What are tapping sleeves used for?

Tapping sleeves are used to attach tapping valves or gate valves to water mains so water mains can be extended for future develop, to install new fire hydrants on existing lines, increase fire protection for buildings, etc.

Are saddle valves illegal?

Answer. Most state and local codes prohibit the use of a saddle valve, also known as a piercing saddle valve, saddle tap or needle valve, consisting of a clamp that punctures a hole in an existing water intake pipe. It is a shortcut used instead of installing a more permanent and secure connection.