Can you still play Tanki?

All the main browsers are gradually giving up on it, and already in October 2020, it will not be supported anymore.

Is Tanki Online a good game?

Tanki Online is a great game in my opinion cause Tankcoin update was a good one to but afterwards they increased the prices that is making thee game a little pay to win but not a lot. A very fun thing to do is parkour war.

Is Tanki Online Free?

«Tanki Online» is a free, browser-based MMO. All you need is Adobe Flash Player to play it.

What is the best Tanki gun?

Top 5 Best Turrets

  • Isida: That weapon is 1st because its healing power makes it unique. Isida will stay no.
  • Shaft: The god in sniping.
  • Ricochet: Sooo powerful…
  • Railgun: Extreme damage and cool-looking, this gun fits perfectly for players who want to snipe if they don’t have a Shaft.

Is Tanki Online shutting down?

The game shut down in early 2020.

How do you play tank online?

Tank Controls Press Spacebar to shoot, press Z and X to rotate the turret. Arrows or WASD keys – the tank’s movement keys (you can also use arrow keys on the numeric pad when the NumLock is off). Z and X or < and > – Turret rotation.

Is Tanki Online pay to win?

This is the reason why online tanki became a P2W game and the community is getting smaller and smaller.

How do you aim in Tanki Online?

To do so, simple left-click anywhere inside the game area (not the interface) during a battle. You can also use the dedicated fullscreen button in the upper menu. To make the cursor appear while using mouse controls, press and hold the TAB key.

What is the best combo in Tanki?

Ranking the Top 5 Combos in Tanki Online

  • Hornet/Railgun.
  • Dictator/Vulcan.
  • Mammoth/Shaft.
  • Viking/Freeze.
  • Hopper/Hammer.

What is the most used turret in Tanki Online?

1. what is the most frequent turret in tanki?

  • firebird.
  • smoky.
  • isida.
  • thunder.
  • railgun.
  • twins.
  • ricochet.
  • shaft.

When was Tanki Online popular?

Year 2011-2012. «Tanki Online» entered the year 2011 with a strong commitment to increase its past successes.