Can you shoot coyote with 17 HMR?

17 hmr back when i was in high school and couldnt afford to buy a . 223 it works just fine within a 100 yards (i used a 20gr bullet as they where a bit more robust) but there are far better cartridges for coyotes, 22 hornet 223, 22-250, 220 swift, 243, if you want to stay in the varmint cartridge category.

What game is a 17 HMR good for?

. 17 HMR is primarily used for mid-range small game and varmint hunting. The bullet’s velocity and accuracy make it ideal for hunting rabbit, possum, and raccoons from up to 200-yards.

How far can you shoot with a 17 HMR?

17 HMR which drops only about 3 inches at 150 yards, a . 22 LR drops more than 11. This makes it reliable for hunting small game only out to 75 yards, depending on your gun, cartridge, and hunting situation.

Whats more powerful a .22 or 17 HMR?

17 HMR is 2550 FPS giving 246 FPE (foot pounds of energy). But when you compare that to a . 22 Mag with an advertised muzzle velocity of 1900 FPS (pushing a 40-grain bullet) you get a calculation of 321 FPE.

Is 17 HMR louder than 22LR?

Depending on which study you go off, barrel length, and that kind of thing, 17hmr and 22wmr are around 4 dB louder than 22LR and 223 is about 10 dB louder than 17HMR/22WMR. Note, that because sound pressure is measured in a logarithmic scale, noise power is double for every 3 dB.

Is a 17 HMR good for small game?

Simply put, with a . 17 HMR, you can aim for a squirrel’s head from about any distance you’re likely to see one and hit it, provided you do your part to make a good shot. If you’re a serious squirrel hunter, you know what kind of advantage that is.

What is the fastest .17 HMR round?

17 Winchester Super Magnum, which is not only going to be the world’s fastest rimfire round, but also one that offers a significant performance increase over the . 17 HMR (see charts below). It pushes a 20-grain bullet at 3,000 fps, which is 625 fps faster than the .

What distance should I zero my .17 HMR?

A: I think a good zero to have for a . 17 HMR is exactly 100 yards. If you sight your rifle so that your bullets hit the bullseye at 100 yards, the bullets will be 0.1 inch high at 50 yards and 2.6 inches low at 150 yards.

What is the ballistics on a 17 HMR?

The Bullet Ballistic Coefficient for 17 HMR Hornady 20 gr Ammo is . 125 compared to the 17 HMR Hornady 15.5 gr Ammo with a BC of . 115. The 17 HMR Hornady 20 gr Ammo has less drag than the 17 HMR Hornady 15.5 gr Ammo.

Is 17 HMR good for squirrels?

The . 17 HMR and . 22 WMR rimfires are popular choices and both do a very good job of killing squirrels as far out as they can be hit.