Can you run ProPresenter on iPad?

ProPresenter Remote requires iOS 8.0 or later for iPhone (4s and above), iPod Touch, or iPad, ProPresenter 4 or later, and a Wi-Fi connection shared between your computer and your iPhone. We also offer an Android app that requires ProPresenter 6 and Android 4.1 and up.

How do you add a background in ProPresenter?

Toggle a Background color for the entire Presentation by clicking the checkbox next to Background. Click the color box to select a pre-defined color, or click the color wheel to select any color. The Size option allows you to change the resolution of your Presentation.

Is there a free version of ProPresenter?

ProPresenter 7 is completely free to download and use for editing purposes. You don’t need to register anything if you just want to create and edit presentations; just download and go!

Is ProPresenter only for Apple?

ProPresenter worship software will run on any machine that meets the specifications required to run the operating systems we support.

Is ProPresenter a one time purchase?

One thing to understand is that our licenses are still perpetual, meaning it is a one-time purchase that does not require a yearly update. However, we are offering annual service extensions to continue to receive added features and functionality as ProPresenter is improved and updated.

How do I import a JPEG into ProPresenter?

To access the Import options inside of the program, go to File>Import in the menubar and select one of the options from the submenu. You can also drag files from your computer folders into the Library or Media Bins in the program to start this process.

What can you do with ProPresenter for free?

ProPresenter 7 is also available as a free download. The free version is not intended for use with an audience, as the output will have a watermark, but it allows users to build shows and presentations that can be transferred to the licensed presentation computer.

Do you have to pay for ProPresenter every year?

Every ProPresenter license is perpetual — meaning the license itself never expire (unlike a subscription which stops working the moment you stop paying).

Is ProPresenter better on Mac or PC?

‘ If you have a need for more than 4 screens (including the operator display) and plan to make use of most of the features in ProPresenter, a PC will likely offer you a price advantage. If you have volunteers who are used to the macOS and you value the reliability of the Apple ecosystem, then go with a Mac!