Can you romance Zevran as a male?

Zevran. Zevran may be romanced by both male and female Wardens. Be accepting of Zevran’s past, and often sympathetic when you can.

Is Zevran a Dalish?

Zevran was born around 9:05 Dragon to a Dalish woman who fell in love with an elven woodcutter. His elven mother abandoned her clan and moved with the woodcutter to Antiva City.

How do you get Zevran to give you earrings?

The earring is offered by Zevran (if you romanced him) during a conversation that triggers in the Party Camp after the encounter with Taliesen.

Who wrote Zevran?

He was responsible for the writing of the characters of Zevran, Alistair, Morrigan, and Shale, as well as the writing of the major quests, “Nature of the Beast” and “Redcliffe”. Gaider also wrote the prequel novels to Origins, The Stolen Throne and The Calling, both released in 2009.

How do you sleep with Zevran?

To Sleep With Him, Or Not to Sleep With Him… Turning Zevran down might bruise his ego a little, but as long as it’s done tactfully, the player can initiate sex with him when they’re ready later. Or, they can sleep with him when he offers and enjoy his company however often they like afterward.

How old is Zevran in Dragon Age Origins?

25 years old
Zevran: Zevran’s father was killed in 9:04, when his mother was just pregnant with him. This means he was likely born in 9:05, making him 25 years old, but no older than 26 max if born in the same year as his father’s death.

How do you get Zevran to fall in love with you?

If Zevran’s approval is too low, even if he’s been sleeping with the player, he will turn on them and rejoin the Crows. Standing with Zevran to fight them off and securing his freedom will earn his absolute loyalty, and his love if he’s been romanced throughout the game.

Can Alistair be king without Anora?

Outcomes for all female Wardens Any female in a romantic relationship with Alistair can remain at King Alistair’s side as a lover, whether or not Anora becomes queen. If Alistair has not been hardened, he will break up the relationship as his sense of duty and propriety overrules his affection.