Can you queue episodes on Netflix?

When browsing TV shows and movies with Netflix, you can tap the + icon, located in the bottom-right corner, to add the highlighted title to your Instant Queue. After adding the title to your instant queue, the + icon will turn into a – icon; Tap this to remove the title from your Instant Queue.

What does queue mean on Netflix?

As a Netflix customer you create a queue, or list, of DVDs you want to receive. The instant queue is a list of movies you want to have available on your Wii U (or other Netflix Ready Device) to play instantly. Once you add a title to your instant queue, it’s available on the Wii U for playback on your TV at anytime.

Where is the queue on Netflix?

Anyway, if you visit now, you’ll probably see a new “Your List” row near the top of your page, populated by any movies or TV shows that you’ve previously saved to your old Netflix queue. Move your mouse over the arrows flanking the “Your List” row to scroll back and forth.

Why doesn’t Netflix show my full list?

If My List isn’t showing up on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, it may be because of how new your Netflix account is. It can take about 15 minutes for My List to generate after you create a Netflix account. If you want to move this process along, follow the steps below: Play any title for at least 5 minutes.

How long does Netflix keep your queue?

There’s a setting on your Netflix account page that’ll let you put your subscription on hold for up to three months, during which you won’t be billed and your queue, video ratings, and other site features will be put on ice.

How do I manage my Netflix queue?

For Instant Queue, use the Netflix website….To remove from My List

  1. Netflix website: Go to My List and select a title, then select the checkmark.
  2. Mobile device: Go to My List, select Details & More, then select the checkmark.
  3. TV: Select a title, then select Remove from My List.