Can you play Acoustasonic without amp?

It looks like it needs an amp but you can really strum away without one. If there’s one thing Fender did not sacrifice, it’s amazing unplugged tone. However the concession here is that it’s not quite as loud or resonant as most dedicated acoustics I’ve played.

Is the Acoustasonic Telecaster worth it?

The Acoustasonic Telecaster is an attractive guitar that really delivers on the sonic front. With all the acoustic tones it has to offer, it’s certainly a welcome option for those who need to cover multiple parts onstage, and it would be cool for tracking alternate parts in the studio as well.

Does the Fender Acoustasonic sound good unplugged?

You can play it unplugged and it sounds good and loud; you can plug it in and get a range of authentic acoustic body/tonewood styles from the Acoustic Engine; and you could get actual Fender electric guitar tone from the 4th Generation Noiseless magnetic pickup in the bridge position.

Who uses Fender Acoustasonic?

The Blur guitarist runs through many of the Acoustasonic Telecaster’s key features. Throughout a storied career as lead guitarist for rock legends Blur and a run of eight acclaimed solo albums, Graham Coxon has become known for playing a Fender Telecaster.

Who plays Acoustasonic?

Graham Coxon Of Blur Plays The American Acoustasonic Telecaster | Fender – YouTube.

Is the Acoustasonic acoustic?

The Acoustasonic might use the shape of those classic solidbodies, but it is an acoustic guitar first and foremost.

Where are fender Acoustasonic made?

Corona, California
Features. The Acoustasonic Telecaster is – first and foremost – American made, being built in Fender’s Corona, California, factory.

How much does a fender Acoustasonic weigh?

One consequence of the hollow construction is the weight, or lack of it: at 2.2kg/4.9lb, it’s way lighter than even a lightweight Telecaster.

Who plays a Fender Acoustasonic?

What does an Acoustasonic sound like?

It’s best to think of it as an acoustic first, that can occasionally pinch hit for an electric guitar. Unplugged, the Acoustasonic sounds acoustic-ish. It’s not quite as loud as a true acoustic and it lacks the depth, but it’s got more going on than an electric hollowbody.

What is the point of the Acoustasonic?

The Acoustasonic Noiseless pickup is designed for hum-free Fender electric tone and can be played solo or blended with the under-saddle piezo pickup to create new sounds. Meanwhile, the Acoustasonic Enhancer registers the vibrations of the guitar’s top to add percussive elements to your performance.