Can you make General Atomics Galleria a settlement?

General Atomics Galleria – a human hand. Required-without this there is no settlement. You need this to have this place as a settlement, all you have to do to activate it is to take the elevator to the directors office.

What can you do at the General Atomics Galleria?


  • Madden’s gym.
  • General Atomics outlet.
  • Handy Eats.
  • Back Alley Bowling.
  • Fallon’s department store.
  • Pinelli’s Bakery.
  • Slocum’s Joe.
  • Control tower (giant Mister Handy in the center)

How do you reopen General Atomics Galleria?

Speak to the director directly and pass either speech check. This will result in him upgrading his firmware, reopening the park. Go to the General Atomics factory and grab the General Atomics ID card (under the clipboard on the table) in the locked room on the second floor.

Where is the General Atomics ID card?

Location. In the General Atomics factory, on a desk in an office on the second floor underneath a battered clipboard. From the entrance, go up the staircase and the office is the first door on the right.

Where do I get the mass fusion ID card?

Executive key and ID card – In the executive suite, inside the desk. Only accessible during Mass Fusion or Spoils of War.

Where is the workshop at General Atomics Galleria?

Notable Loot You need to pass a charisma check to access the bowling alley without having to fight all of the Mr Handy robots. The cores are located in the workshop room behind the bowling lanes.

How do I punish Timmy in Fallout 4?

Detailed walkthrough

  1. In the first room, the child must be punished by turning off the radio.
  2. In the second room, the baby must be stopped from crying by dragging the large baby bottle from atop the dresser into the crib, or transferring it into the teddy bear’s inventory.