Can you buy axolotls in the US?

Getting an Axolotl However, axolotls are widely available from private breeders and axolotl enthusiasts. They may also be available at reptile shows and expos. You can order them over the internet or you may be able to get one special ordered from the exotic pet store in your area.

How much do axolotls cost in the US?

Axolotls themselves are quite cheap. There is generally a price range for axolotls. An axolotl costs between $30 – $75 for a basic but healthy one. If you’re looking for something more exotic like a piebald axolotl variation, it will cost about $100.

Where can I find a real axolotl?

Lake Xochimilco
The axolotl is native only to Lake Xochimilco in the Valley of Mexico, as well as the canals and waterways of Mexico City.

Are axolotls illegal?

Is It Legal to Own a Pet Axolotl? Axolotls are illegal to own in some states, including California, Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia. In New Mexico, they are legal to own but illegal to import from other states.

How much are axolotls at Petco?

A simple axolotl costs between $30 and $75 for a basic but healthy one, while the more exotic ones will cost you between $100 to $200.

Are axolotls good pets for 10 year olds?

“They can be great pets, but they aren’t great pets for everyone – and children need to know that they can’t handle an axolotl as they’re very delicate and they can get injured. They also need a very quiet home with a lot of space – children aren’t known to be very quiet”, Dr Beattie correctly says.

Do axolotl bites hurt?

But do axolotls bite? Yes, axolotls bite everything and anything that moves around in their vicinity, but their teeth are too small to cause much pain. Axolotls aren’t aggressive to humans; they are simply hunting for food or nipping out of self-defense.

Is it cruel to have a pet axolotl?

Trendy Pets Are Dangerous For EcoSystems The axolotl is just one example of an exotic animal becoming a trendy pet, causing them to all but disappear from the wild. These trends can have a catastrophic impact on an animal’s native ecosystem, and in many cases results in irreparable damage.

Can you play with a pet axolotl?

Axolotl are a friendly, interactive aquatic pet that will give you years of enjoyment if kept properly. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to care for once they are properly housed and fed. Then you can share your photos of your happy, meme-worthy salamander with the world.