Can I still redeem my Esso Extra points?

The Esso Extra™ program has ended and you can now earn and redeem PC Optimum™ points at Esso stations on fuel and car wash rewards. You can no longer convert your Esso Extra points to PC Optimum™ points as the conversion period ended on April 30, 2022.

How do I convert Esso Extra points to PC points?

Jan 17, 2022•Knowledge

  1. Go to and enter your e-mail and password associated with your Esso Extra™ account in the top left corner.
  2. Once logged into your Esso Extra™ account, click on the convert your points now button.
  3. Click Yes to proceed with converting your Esso Extra™ points to PC Optimum™ points.

How much are Esso Extra points worth?

about 0.65¢ each
The value of a Esso Extra point is about 0.65¢ each. When filling up regular gas, you can earn Esso Extra points (1 point / $ spent) or Aeroplan miles (1 mile / $3 spent). Esso Extra points are better to collect, unless you value Aeroplan miles at better than 1.95¢ each.

What points can you collect at Esso?

Nectar collectors can earn 1 point per litre of Esso Synergy™ fuel or 2 points per pound spent on carwash, lubricants or shop products at participating Esso branded service stations.

What is the difference between Esso extra and extra privileges?

Free Extra Privileges Cards are available to all members at all Esso stations across the country. The Extra Privileges Card is linked to the Esso Extra card to save 2.5 cents per litre on fuel. Similarly, Esso Extra points are earned with the Extra Privileges Card.

How many PC points is gas at Esso?

How many PC Optimum™ points will I earn at Esso stations? PC Optimum™ members will earn 10 points per whole litre on fuel and 10 points per dollar on eligible convenience store or car wash purchases at Esso stations. Registered members may also receive personalized offers.

How many PC points is Esso gas?

Is Esso fuel as good as BP?

there shouldn’t be such a difference between the two. it may only be worth going for big brands like bp in high performance cars which will make most use of it rather than a 1.2 punto.

Can I use my Nectar points at Esso?

Nectar Redemption Terms & Conditions Nectar points can be spent at participating Esso branded service stations only. Please see details of participating Esso branded service stations here. Nectar points cannot be spent at Esso branded service stations with a Tesco Express shop.

Can I use Esso Extra and PC Optimum?

How many Esso points do you need for free gas?

To begin earning points, you’ll need to get an Esso Extra card, which you can get by enrolling online or at any Esso station (there are more than 1,700 of them across Canada)….Enter to win a $50 Esso Gift Card.

Reward Points required Point value
$70 free gas 11,500 $0.0061
$80 free gas 13,500 $0.0059

What is an Esso Extra card?

The PC Optimum™ program offers Esso Extra members the opportunity to earn points in more places and provides greater flexibility in redeeming for free stuff, including fuel and car washes at Esso stations beginning January 18, 2022.