Can I send bulk email with Gmail?

As mentioned, Gmail lets you send either 500 emails per day or one email to 500 different recipients.

How do I send a mass business email?

The most reliable way to send bulk messages is to use a mailing list service, many of which have free options that let you email up to 5000 subscribers. If you’re just sending a one-time message to under 500 addresses, you can usually use your regular email app to get the job done.

How do I create a mass email list in Gmail?

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  1. Go to
  2. Select the contacts you want to add.
  3. Click the label icon and select + Create label.
  4. Name the label and click Save.
  5. Create a new message in Gmail.
  6. Click BCC.
  7. Add the label to the BCC field.
  8. Type and send your message.

How many emails can be sent at once in Gmail?

How many emails can you send from Gmail per day? For individual Gmail accounts, the daily send limit is 500 emails per rolling 24-hour period. If you’re a typical Gmail user, you may not even know about this limit because it’s doubtful you send that many emails in a typical day.

How can I send more than 500 emails in Gmail?

How to Make Gmail Send More Than 500 Emails

  1. Create a second Gmail account to send to additional recipients.
  2. Purchase Google Apps for Business.
  3. Check to see whether your school offers Google Apps for Education.
  4. Create a Google Group to send frequent messages to a large group of people.

How do I send an email to 1000 recipients in Gmail?

How to send email to 1000 recipients in Gmail?

  1. Make a list. You should have a list with all the addresses that you need to send an email to.
  2. Upload your list in CSV format. For larger list you might have to divide your list in batches of 2000 addresses.
  3. Frame your email and subject line.
  4. Configure the campaign.

How can I send bulk emails without showing addresses in Gmail?

To send a message in Gmail with all email addresses hidden:

  1. Select Compose in Gmail to start a new message.
  2. In the To field, type Undisclosed recipients followed by your own email address within angle brackets.
  3. Select Bcc.
  4. Type the email addresses of all recipients in the Bcc field.

Can you create distribution lists in Gmail?

1) Add in the email address of each person you want on a specific distribution list. 2) Click on the word “To” which is located to the left of the email addresses. 3) Once the contacts window (as seen below) has opened, you can click the “Save as Group” button located in the lower right part of the window.

How do you send a mass email without showing the addresses?

To send emails to small groups where everybody knows each other, use the Cc field. Enter all of the addresses there, separated by commas. To hide addresses, use the Bcc field, just like the Cc field. No one will be able to see the addresses added in this field.

How can I send bulk emails without spamming?

How to send bulk emails without spamming

  1. Clean up your email list.
  2. Avoid misleading subject lines.
  3. Do not send image-only emails.
  4. Use HTML best practices in your email.
  5. Include a prominent unsubscribe button.
  6. Optimise your email content.
  7. Build your list organically.
  8. Run spam tests before sending.