Can I put my own song in a music box?

Music Box Song Customization Is Fast and Easy! Adding in your own music, sound, or recording to a music box is simple. Simply pick any box you’d like and tell us the song you’d like us to load in it.

Are music box versions of songs copyrighted?

It’s unlawful to sell a music box that plays a song still protected by copyright unless you have a license from the owner of the “musical composition” copyright.

Is it hard to make a music box?

Making your own music box requires patience and precision, but the process is easier than you might think. Choose a hinged wooden box and music box mechanism to create your music box. Then, simply decorate the hinged wooden box however you like and install the music box mechanism.

How long can a music box song be?

How Long Can a Music Box Song Be? Generally speaking, the music box can play a tune for up to 2 – 3 minutes. However, if you’re buying a modern one (without a crank mechanism), it can play the entire song for 5 to 6 minutes. Choose carefully before you make your purchases.

Can you 3D print a music box?

Left Field Labs has a new service that lets you create a small music box, called Music Drop, via 3D printing. You create a tune by manually arranging notes on a 14×16 grid that has a range of seemingly two octaves that goes on for 16 beats.

How do you tell if a song is DMCA?


  1. Know if the music is before or after 1923. If it is earlier, it is public domain music and is not copyrighted.
  2. Know if it is under the public domain. To do this you should go to the PDinfo portal and check it.
  3. Search on YouTube. Use the platform’s search engine to search for your song and check the comments.

What notes can a music box play?

DIY music boxes are often defined by their musical range. Three common types include 15-note, 20-note and 30-note. Each of these box types uses a their own punch-paper, sized to fit the box and the notes it supports.