Can I deposit checks with PNC Virtual Wallet?

PNC Express Funds provides an option for immediate availability on approved checks deposited through Branch Banking, a PNC ATM, or Mobile Banking, subject to cut off times. (For more information about cut off times, please review our Consumer Funds Availability Policy.)

Does PNC allow mobile check deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a feature of PNC Mobile Banking. Use of the Mobile Deposit feature requires a supported camera-equipped device and you must download a PNC mobile banking app. Eligible PNC Bank account and PNC Bank Online Banking required.

Do you have to put for mobile deposit only?

You can make deposits in a snap with your iPhone® or Android™ device. Due to a new banking regulation, all checks deposited via a mobile service must include: “For Mobile Deposit Only” handwritten below your signature in the endorsement area on the back of the check or the deposit may be rejected.

Can you mobile deposit a virtual check?

Start by opening your app, signing into your account and selecting “Deposit Checks.” Then, take a picture of the front and back of the endorsed check with your smartphone or tablet. [Visual: Mobile Check Deposit on Mobile App. Copy: Sign and write “for deposit only at Bank of America” on back of check.

Is PNC Virtual wallet a checking account?

Checking at PNC is Virtual Wallet. In today’s world, you need more than just a checking account. Virtual Wallet starts with Spend, which is a checking account, and digital tools to help you manage your money and stay on track. To best meet your needs, we have three levels of Spend to choose from.

How do you endorse a check for deposit only?

The most secure way to endorse a check is to:

  1. Write: “For Deposit Only to Account Number XXXXXXXXXX”
  2. Sign your name below that, but still within the endorsement area of the check.

How can I mobile deposit a check?

How to Make Mobile Check Deposits

  1. Know your bank’s mobile check deposit requirements.
  2. Confirm the check amount is within mobile deposit limits.
  3. Endorse the check.
  4. Open the mobile deposit function in your bank app.
  5. Take clear pictures of the check with your mobile device.
  6. Confirm the check details and complete the deposit.

How do I set up PNC Mobile deposit?

How it Works

  1. Deposit your check through the PNC Mobile app, at a PNC DepositEasy ATM or with a teller.
  2. Choose standard funds availability or PNC Express Funds.
  3. Acknowledge fee if using PNC Express Funds.
  4. Use your money for withdrawals and purchases immediately or wait for standard access to funds.

What does for deposit only mean?

If you write “for deposit only” on the back of a check made out to you and then sign your name, the check can only be deposited in your account. This is called a “restrictive indorsement,” and it should prevent you or any other person from cashing the check.

How do I deposit a check with my phone PNC?

Can you mobile deposit a check on cash App?

For whatever reason you’re still using paper checks, you’ll be happy to know that Cash App is rolling out the mobile check deposit system that lets you deposit checks into your Cash App account by taking a photo of the check with your phone.