Can I add seats in my van?

When it comes to upfitting, or adding additional seating, you technically have three options: Installing it yourself. Going through an aftermarket up fitter. Having the dealer go through an upfitter before delivery if you’re buying new.

Can you add bench seats to cargo van?

Adding a bench seat to the cargo van is straightforward. There is no carpet to drill through, and there are few obstructions to adding a seat. The seat can also be removed quickly in case the extra room is needed for additional space.

How many seats are in a conversion van?

Depending on the configuration, conversion vans can safely and comfortably seat up to 15 passengers.

How much does it cost to add seats to a cargo van?

Dealer Upfitting Before Delivery If you’re buying your Ford Transit cargo van new, you can usually arrange with your dealer to install a second row of seating before you take delivery of the van. This upfit costs around $900.

Can you put extra seats in a cargo van?

Regardless of state and federal laws, simply adding seats to the back of a van is very unsafe. Cargo areas are not equipped with the same safety features as passenger areas of vehicles. Anyone who rides in the improperly modified portion of a cargo van is at much greater risk of death or injury.

Are you allowed to sit in the back of a camper van?

The seats that are ‘designated’ for travel must be identified. As in a motorcar rear passengers in motorhomes will be required to use designated seats and seat belts. Sideways seats cannot be designated as travel seats.

Can you sit in the back of a campervan without seat belts?

While passengers can be carried without seatbelts in older motorhomes, it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure it is safe.

Can you ride in the back of a cargo van?

California Cargo-Area Riding Laws According to California law, you cannot ride in the bed of a truck unless you comply with one of these situations: A federal-approved restraint system restrains you while in the bed of the truck.