Can I add money to a prepaid Mastercard?

The fast way to fill up a prepaid card Mastercard rePower® lets you instantly add funds to an eligible Mastercard prepaid card at participating locations.

Where can I reload my prepaid Mastercard?

CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Circle K, Dollar General, HEB, and more! You’ve got plenty of choices to find a spot to reload your Fancard Prepaid Mastercard® with cash. Some of these include CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Circle K, Dollar General, HEB, and more! You can find which stores are closest to you here.

How do I put money on my Master Card?

Bring your MasterCard rePower enabled prepaid card and cash to the register at a participating retailer. The cashier will swipe your card and load funds directly to it.

Where can I add money to my NexsCard?

You can add cash to the NexsCard at MoneyGram, Western Union, and Visa ReadyLink agents. The NexsCard charges a $1 fee for MoneyGram and Western Union loads and $2 for cash loads through Visa ReadyLink. The fees charged by the cash reload service run $3.74 – $4.95.

How can I reload my prepaid card online?

Log in to your online bank account to execute an ACH transfer or electronic funds transfer. This process will electronically transfer the amount of money you request from your checking account to your prepaid card, usually within one to three business days. Check with your bank for details.

Can you put money on a prepaid card at an ATM?

A prepaid debit card is much like a gift card: It allows you to spend whatever amount of money is stored on the card. Once the balance is used up, you can reload the card online or at an ATM, a participating store, or other physical location.

Can you transfer money to a Mastercard?

See the transfer form for restrictions. Money transfer to debit Mastercard typically happens in 30 minutes, times can vary depending on receiver’s ability, Mastercard requires issuers to make funds available to cardholders within 30 minutes from approval.

What stores can I reload my NetSpend card?

The NetSpend card can be loaded at grocery stores, gas stations, check cashers, and convenience stores all over the country. You can find the nearest reload location here. Some of the reload locations include Walgreens, Office Depot, 7-Eleven, CVS and Walmart.

What bank is NexsCard use?

Metropolitan Commercial Bank
NexsCard is a prepaid Visa card issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank and powered by Prepaid Ventures. The card can be used for utility bill payments, fund transfer and for making offline/online purchases.

Can I load a prepaid card with a debit card?

You can fund the reloadable Visa Prepaid card through a variety of ways, such as through direct deposit or with cash at a participating retail location. It is accepted anywhere that Visa Debit cards are accepted. And you don’t have to worry about overdraft fees since your spend cannot exceed the balance on your card.