Can a woman get pregnant after thyroidectomy?

Women are advised to wait 6-12 months before becoming pregnant after treatment with radioactive iodine after thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer because of a concern for possible effects of radiation in developing baby.

Does having no thyroid affect pregnancy?

Having low thyroid hormone levels may even interfere with becoming pregnant or be a cause of miscarriage.

Why is thyroidectomy contraindicated in pregnancy?

Although thyroidectomy can be performed during pregnancy for malignancy, many authors cite postponing surgery until after delivery if possible, secondary to risks to the fetus from the anesthesia. Indications for surgery during pregnancy include aggressive cancers or airway compromise.

Does a thyroidectomy affect fertility?

Women after a thyroidectomy are usually placed on thyroid medication, and if your thyroid hormones are improved then your chances of ovulating and getting pregnant are significantly improved.

Does levothyroxine affect pregnancy?

Levothyroxine is the most common medicine used to treat an underactive thyroid during pregnancy. Levothyroxine replaces the thyroid hormone T4, which your own thyroid isn’t making or isn’t making enough of. It’s safe to take this medicine during pregnancy.

Does levothyroxine increase fertility?

“Levothyroxine (LT4) replacement for hypothyroidism in infertile patients improves implantation and miscarriage rates, leading to successful pregnancy; however, the effect of treatment on ovarian function is poorly understood.”

How much does levothyroxine increase pregnancy?

Thus, levothyroxine requirements increase early during pregnancy in most women with primary hypothyroidism, reaching a plateau after 16 to 20 weeks of gestation at a value about 47 percent higher than the prepregnancy value and persisting throughout pregnancy.

Can thyroid tissue grow back after thyroidectomy?

A recurrent goiter is the regrowth of thyroid tissues after thyroidectomy. This may occur after surgery for benign disease or malignancy of thyroid. While recurrence after surgery for benign disease should be preventable, recurrence after malignant disease depends on many factors.

What are the long term effects of having your thyroid removed?

These glands are located behind your thyroid and regulate blood calcium. Hypoparathyroidism can cause numbness, tingling or cramping due to low blood-calcium levels. Airway obstruction caused by bleeding. Permanent hoarse or weak voice due to nerve damage.

What is the best thyroid level to get pregnant?

Purpose. The ideal thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) range for infertile women attempting conception has not been determined. Current recommendations include optimizing the preconception TSH value to ≤2.5 mIU/L, which is the established goal for pregnant women.

Can you get pregnant while taking levothyroxine?

However, once you are taking medication (levothyroxine tablets) and your thyroid hormone levels are back to normal your chances of becoming pregnant, or fathering a child, should improve dramatically. If you are planning a pregnancy you should let your doctor know and ideally have a blood test before you conceive.