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bsalogo1With the advent of binary options trading we have seen a considerable rise in get-rich-quick schemes designed to mislead innocent day traders. The purpose of these systems is to entice potential customers into registering with and funding trading accounts with unregulated offshore brokers. It’s also no secret that there has been a massive growth in fake review site that publish favorable reviews for outright bribes in the form of commissions or just flat fees.

BinaryScamAlerts.com is a leader in exposing financial scams, and has always placed the welfare and financial interests of its customers first. One such example is the new Vena System scam by Marc Vena. It seems various review sites have chosen to endorse this confirmed investment SCAM, even though it has been proven to defraud and victimize opportunity seekers.

Another documented case with a similar background is the Rubix Project by Brian Morgan. In this case, we see promoters using fake news tactics to lure traders into their web of lies and deception. Again, we are witnessing the same trend of so called “honest review sites” that spread lies for their own benefit.

How to Know Which is Right?
It’s important to do the proper research, and you should know that if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. In many cases, it’s plain to see the use of hyped-up or exaggerated claims, inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, and simple inconsistencies in the narrative. In other cases, it gets trickier and that is when you need to take a deeper look and ask if the presenter is really who he claims to be. A simple check will reveal if that person has a social media presence. If you can’t confirm the real identity of the person behind the sales pitch, just leave it and move on because it’s a SCAM and that person is most likely a paid actor.

BinaryScamAlerts.com – Putting Fake Review Sites Out of Business
In a nutshell, the service BSA offers is unique and truly authentic. It’s no surprise day traders are flocking to this website every day to get a real traders snapshot about industry developments and new product launches and reviews.