Bill Gates Breaks His Silence On Encryption – Supports FBI:


The world of technology has had many influential people over the years, but one of the most eminent of names is that of Bill Gates. The man who had a vision – a computer in every home, and a man who truly made the computer ‘personal’. Bill Gates has been among some of the most respected names in the world of technology, and has been hailed as a man known for his honesty of thought and action. Gates, who is known to comment on most major issues involving the national interest, had been unusually silent over the whole encryption issue involving Apple.Bill-Gates

The founder of Microsoft has finally broken his silence over the matter, and in an interview, he revealed that he sides with the FBI and the government over this.

“Nobody’s talking about a backdoor, so that’s not the right question. This is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. They’re not asking for some general thing, they’re asking for a particular case,” Gates said in the interview published by Financial Times. He said the government is only looking for “a specific set of information” and not a master key to break into other phones.

“It is no different than [the question of] should anybody ever have been able to tell the phone company to get information, should anybody be able to get at bank records,” he said. “Let’s say the bank had tied a ribbon round the disk drive and said, ‘Don’t make me cut this ribbon because you’ll make me cut it many times.'”

Bill Gates has been known to be a man who stays away from controversies, and has an image of a tech genius and a visionary, as well as that of a philanthropist.

Bill Gates’ opinions on the matter are quite different than various other major tech companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Twitter who have openly expressed their views on the matter siding with Apple.