At Least 15 New E. Coli Cases Reported, Chipotle Faces Lawsuit

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According to recent reports, the E. Coli sickness cases associated with Chipotle outlets have increased in Washington and Oregon. The firm also now faces a lawsuit filed by a woman from Washington.

The woman, Charmaine Mode, claimed that she ordered a burrito bowl at a Chipotle outlet and that made her sick with the E. coli bacteria. The suit filed says that soon after eating at Chipotle she started feeling nauseous and had diarrhea for four continuous days until she was hospitalized. Mode is seeking more than $75,000 through damage claims.

After the outbreak of the bacteria, Chipotle shut down almost 43 restaurants this weekend in the nearby area and investigations regarding the origin and the span of the outbreak is being investigated by the health officials and also the company.

Although a direct link between the spread of the bacteria and the restaurant outlets has not been established yet, the health officials have found some connections between the patients and the eatery.

According to health officials, at least 37 people have been sickened and hospitalized due to the bacteria in the two states.

Although the company declined to comment on the lawsuit, chairman and co-CEO of Chipotle, Steve Ells said, ” The safety of our customers and integrity of our food supply has always been our highest priority. If there are opportunities to do better, we will push ourselves to find them and enhance our already high standards for food safety.”

Steve further said, “Our deepest sympathies go out to those who have been affected by this situation and it is our greatest priority to ensure the safety of all of the food we serve and maintain our customers’ confidence in eating at Chipotle.”

According to the state health department, health officials at the Oregon health Authority said that nine new cases of the bacteria have been detected with associations with Chipotle taking the total number of cases in the area to 12.

Source: abcnews