Are you on high meaning?

Definition of on a high : feeling happy and excited He was on a high after receiving the promotion.

Are you high synonyms?


  • delirious.
  • doped.
  • drunk.
  • euphoric.
  • flying.
  • freaked-out.
  • inebriated.
  • on a trip.

What means get high?

Get-high definition (idiomatic) To intoxicate oneself with drugs or other substances. I get high with a little help from my friends – Beatles – With a Little Help from My Friends. I was going to make love to you, but I got high. – Afroman – Because I Got High.

What does have her stoned mean?

If someone is stoned, their mind is greatly affected by a drug such as cannabis.

Are you on something meaning?

informal. used as a way of expressing agreement to something happening: “I’ll give you £50 for your bike.” “You’re on!” Words & phrases expressing agreement & acceptance.

What is the meaning of high on life?

Extremely happy with life
high on life (comparative more high on life, superlative most high on life) (humorous) Extremely happy with life, especially as the result of terminating an addiction.

How do you say high in a formal way?


  1. altitudinous,
  2. lofty,
  3. tall,
  4. towering.

What’s the opposite of being high?

What is the opposite of stoned?

sober straight
clear-headed dry
teetotal abstemious
moderate non-drinking
cold sober self-abnegating

What does it mean to be high on life?

What does Stoner Boy mean?

Slang. a person who is habitually high on drugs, especially marijuana, or alcohol; a person who is usually stoned.

What do you call someone who’s high?

dopey. (also dopy), rocky, strung out, stupefied.

Are you on and off meaning?

Definition of on and off : with periodic cessation : off and on, intermittently Lucy was sick on and off for two years before doctors were able to discover what was wrong.— Jo Abi.