Are there flying squirrels in Rochester NY?

There are two kinds of flying squirrels found throughout Rochester,NY and the surrounding areas. There is the Northern and the Southern Flying squirrel. The northern flying squirrel is 10 to 15 inches long and reddish brown in color.

Do flying squirrels live in upstate NY?

Flying squirrels are abundant in New York, although most people never see them due to their nocturnal lifestyle, and are surprised when they discover just how prevalent they are.

Are flying squirrels native to NY?

In New York, there are two species of flying squirrels, the Northern and Southern. The Northern flying squirrel is a reddish-brown with large eyes and a flat tail, while the Southern species are more gray-brown in color, similar to the color of mice. They, too, have large dark eyes and flattened tails.

Are there flying squirrels in the Adirondacks?

The northern flying squirrel occurs throughout the Adirondacks, replacing the southern flying squirrel at higher elevations. Northern flying squirrels prefer coniferous and mixed forests, but they also live in deciduous forests.

Are flying squirrels protected in NY?

Legal Classification: Protected (Skunks may legally be taken if they are only a nuisance, even if they are not causing damage.) But the animal, dead or alive, cannot be transported off the landowner’s property without a nuisance wildlife control permit obtained from the DEC.

Are flying squirrels endangered in NY?

According to the Red List of Threatened Species from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, both northern and southern flying squirrels are classified as “Least Concern.” Flying squirrels do well in the mature forests of our region.

Are flying squirrels aggressive?

Flying squirrels are not dangerous and pose no health hazard. They’re not aggressive but they do have sharp teeth. If you have flying squirrels denning in your attic or wall voids, call a Summit Environmental Solutions wildlife professional that is licensed and trained in nuisance wildlife work.

Can cats catch flying squirrels?

Unfortunately, cats are quite skilled at finding these nocturnal tree squirrels. Approximately 60 percent of the center’s adult flying squirrel patients, including this one, come as confirmed cat attack victims. This patient is very lucky.

Are flying squirrels federally protected?

Two subspecies of northern flying squirrel are federally listed as endangered due to habitat loss. Humans have long sought to replicate the flying squirrel’s gliding abilities. Base jumpers and skydivers have developed a special suit that mimics the flying squirrel.

Are flying squirrels active in winter?

The Northern Flying Squirrel, Glaucomys sabrinus, is frequently a night time visitor to local bird feeders in winter. Compared to the busy, chattering Red squirrel, which is active in the day, the flying squirrel is quiet and gentle and strictly nocturnal.

Are flying squirrels rare in NY?

Two species of flying squirrels are common in New York State and their ranges overlap, though the northern flying squirrel is more common in the northern part of the state, and the southern flying squirrel is most prevalent south of the Mohawk River Valley.

How much is a flying squirrel?

A flying squirrel can be purchased from specialized breeders and the average cost is around $450, but they go up to $600 or more, and sell out quickly depending on the breeder. It’s important to buy them at 6 to 8 weeks of age to make sure you can bond to them.