Are the Tau and Space Marines allies?

The Tau can also ally with a range of other armies, from the Necrons to Chaos Space Marines and more; what army you choose to ally with should strictly be based on what you need, or a fluffy combination.

Who can Tau ally with?

So I was reading through the rule book and I saw that the Tau have two Allies of Convenience: Necrons and Eldar.

Are the Imperium and Tau allies?

Military Forces Several intelligent alien races (the Kroot, Vespid, Nicassar, Demiurg and even some Humans who have turned their backs on the Imperium, known as Gue’vesa in the T’au Lexicon) have allied themselves with the T’au. The T’au Empire borders the Imperium of Man, and lies within the reach of the Astronomican.

Can Space Marines join Tau?

Not likely unfortunately. Space marines are born and trained only for war and battle much like orks which is why they have no lasting place in the tau empire and the greater good.

Does Tau and Imperium work together?

The Imperium and Tau have worked together to defeat Necrons on a Tomb World, and they fought off a Tyranid Hive Fleet. However there was a whole campaign by the Imperium that drove into Tau territory, and there seems to be sporadic fighting here and there.

Do Necrons have allies?

The Necrons under Szarekh the Silent King formed an alliance with the Blood Angels and Dante to stop a Tyranid hive fleet, though this was after the Necrons attacked the world in question to setup a trap to easily defeat the Tyranid fleet but the Blood Angels interfered costing the Necrons time and resources.

Can Eldar join Tau?

Tau can no longer take Eldar or Space Marines as Battle Brother allies. This for example means you can no longer cast Guide or Prescience on Tau units. Independent characters can no longer join monstrous creatures.

Are there humans in the Tau?

Those humans who have joined the Tau empire have been provided with the technology required to prevail on the Tau frontier. They have limited production capabilities, allowing them to construct equipment ranging from simple farming tools to a copy of the standard issue Imperial lasgun.

Can Humans mate with Eldar?

The short answer is no. The logn answer is they are two completely different species made up entirely of different people, so it’s physically impossible. It’s like us trying to mate with the squid.