Are standing desks better for you?

More calories burned: One study showed that standing sheds 88 calories an hour, compared to 80 calories for sitting. Walking burns a lot more — 210 calories an hour. Less back pain: Sitting for long periods of time tightens your muscles and can hurt your lower back, especially if you have bad posture.

Should you use a standing desk all day?

Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health and experts have long been advising people to stand at their workstations for about 15 minutes an hour. But a University of Waterloo professor says his research shows that people should be standing for at least 30 minutes per hour to get health benefits.

What are the pros and cons of standing desk?

Standing for prolonged periods of time is also not good for you. It can lead to joint and back pain, swelling, and fatigue. Much like sitting can, standing can also aggravate bad posture if you don’t pay attention to proper ergonomics. Some studies show that standing desks don’t have an impact on productivity.

Is it better to work standing or sitting?

Ultimately, yes, standing at work is better than sitting. But you need to monitor how much you stand throughout the day. Using a sit-stand desk at work can help relieve muscular pain like back and neck pain, reduce spikes in blood sugar, and improve blood circulation.

Are standing desks overrated?

Perhaps as a result, standing desks have become trendy and are promoted by some health officials as well as some countries. Research, however, suggests that warnings about sitting at work are overblown, and that standing desks are overrated as a way to improve health.

Is standing really better than sitting?

Standing burned 0.15 calories more per minute compared to sitting. If a 143-pound person stood for six hours a day instead of sitting, they would burn an extra 54 calories a day. In addition, the muscle activity from standing is also associated with lower risks for strokes and heart attacks, researchers said.

Is standing desk better for hips?

When you stand up, not only are your hip flexors engaged in a natural position, but the rest of the muscles in your legs are involved as well. Standing at your desk every day instead of sitting down will strengthen your muscles in your body’s most natural position.

Are standing desks ergonomic?

A standing desk is ergonomic because it gives you the option of standing, reducing the risks that come with long periods of inactivity. Monitor arms can also make a desk more ergonomic.