Are Resto shamans good in PvP?

Restoration Shamans are the most versatile healers in the game. With roots, slows, decent healing output, big damage, some mobility, and even a ranged interrupt, they always have a place on an Arena team.

Is Resto shaman good in Shadowlands PvP?

Restoration Shaman PvP Overview Restoration Shaman has always been a very strong healer, both offensively and defensively. It has a toolkit that provides both offensive pressure with damage and purges and defensive pressure with Wind Shear and Grounding Totem.

Are Resto shamans good in PvP TBC?

Restoration Shamans are the most offensive healer in TBC Arena, due to their powerful offensive abilities (Windfury Totem, Bloodlust, Purge and Earth Shock) but also due to their lack of defensive abilities and poor Mana sustain, which forces quick games. Being a healer will make you a focus target in the Arena.

Is Resto Shaman viable in TBC?

Viability of Restoration Shaman Healer in Burning Crusade PvE Content. Restoration Shamans are the best group healers and the most useful healer of TBC Classic, and it all starts with being the only source of the new Bloodlust / Heroism effect!

Is Resto shaman viable in TBC?

Is Enhancement shaman good in TBC?

Enhancement Shaman DPS are extremely viable in TBC because of the amount of utility that they bring to the raid. You will be in the melee group so you’ll be bringing Windfury Totem and with level 70 you’ll have access to Bloodlust.

What is the best race for resto Shaman TBC?

Best Races for Restoration Shaman Healer in Burning Crusade. There is only one option, the newly crash landed Draenei. Troll is the best race for PvE, Orc is the best race for PvP and second best for PvE, making it the best all-rounder and Tauren is a close second for PvP.

Which shaman spec is best for DPS TBC?

Orc is the best race for Enhancement Shaman DPS on Horde: They get Axe Specialization which is a very strong racial if you’re able to use axes and take advantage of it, and Blood Fury is a 2 minute cooldown that increases your attack power.

Which race is best for resto shaman?

Best Races for Restoration Shaman

  • Goblin – Rocket Jump is incredibly useful for just about any type of content. Mobility is something we lack.
  • Highmountain Tauren – Similar to Goblins, Bull Rush as a mobility tool will help you out a lot.
  • Tauren – War Stomp can be very useful in M+.

What is the best covenant for resto shaman?

Best Covenant / Soulbind for Restoration Shamans

Covenant Strength Soulbind
Kyrian Damage Kleia Raid (healing) Mikanikos Raid (damage) Mikanikos Mythic+ / Soloing
Necrolord Spread healing Emeni Raid Marileth PvP
Venthyr All-rounder Theotar All-rounder
Night Fae Extra Healing Tide Totems Niya All-rounder