Are NetStamps the same as forever stamps?

NetStamps are used like regular stamps and never expire. NetStamps are Denomination stamps with the value printed on the face of the stamps….Information.

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Does USPS sell NetStamps?

Official USPS postage stamps can be printed on a wide variety of NetStamps labels, from our Classic Original NetStamps to Themed Netstamps to custom PhotoNetStamps you design yourself.

How much does shipping a stamp cost?

Standard-sized, rectangular envelope stamps start at $0.58. Square, oversized, or unusually shaped envelope stamps start at $0.88.

What is stamped shipping?

Put simply, stamped mail involves buying physical postage stamps that you stick on your mail, while metered mail involves using a postage meter to accurately calculate postage costs and print your proof of purchase.

How do I buy NetStamps?

To buy postage stamps online, all you need is a printer, approved postage labels and a subscription to a PC Postage service such as, the leader in online postage with over 732,000 customers, offers the ability to buy and print postage stamps using special labels called NetStamps.

Are NetStamps trackable? customers can use retail USPS Tracking by combining PS Form 152 with either NetStamps labels or when printing postage directly onto envelopes.

How do you do stamped shipping?

After affixing the stamps to your envelope or package, hand it over to the postal clerk. Since you’re already at the post office, you also have the option of simply paying for postage, in which case the clerk will print out and stick on a mailing label noting the item’s shipping cost.

How long does stamped shipping take?

The U.S. Postal Service advertises that first-class mail — your average letter with a 55 cent stamp — arrives within “1-3 business days.” That is an official standard set by the Postal Service.