Are mink coats still valuable?

The value of a mink coat depends on a variety of factors including the condition, size, brand, and quality. A small mink coat could sell for under $100 while a top designer coat could sell for over $10,000.

Can you still get mink coats?

Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are currently selling off the last of their coats so they can close their fur salons. A year ago, California passed a ban on the sale of new fur products, effective in 2023. Many luxury brands, including Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Versace, have banned fur.

Can I sell my old mink coat?

If you have an old fur coat you haven’t worn in years, consider selling it. Depending on the quality, age, fur type, and condition your coat can fetch you top dollar. But get a professional appraisal before you put a price tag on it.

Why do mink coats cost so much?

Quality of manufacture The coats require many more mink pelts since females are smaller than males so they are more expensive. Female mink coats are just as warm as male mink coats but they are much lighter. They are also more delicate and require more careful care and they are considered more desirable.

Is it OK to wear fur in New York?

Many people wear fur coats in NYC, especially in this arctic weather we’ve been “enjoying”. I wouldn’t worry about it…. The anti-fur movement seems to have quieted down in recent years. I no longer see the sidewalk protests in front of stores as I once did.

What can I do with my old mink coat?

You can resell your coat for money, or donate it to some charity. Alternatively, you can repurpose it to make other accessories, such as pillows and cushion covers, a new fur coat or any other fur garment.

Are mink coats illegal?

California becomes the first state to ban fur products Gavin Newsom signed legislation Friday that will make it illegal to sell, donate or manufacture new fur products in the state.

Do people wear fur coats in NYC?

Many people wear fur coats in NYC, especially in this arctic weather we’ve been “enjoying”. I wouldn’t worry about it….

Is fur banned in New York?

The NY bill follows in the footsteps of California legislation introduced earlier this month, which would make it the first state to ban the sale of fur. Several cities throughout the state have already passed similar legislation.

How do I sell a mink coat?

To get the best price for your coat, get it appraised by a local furrier, who will value your coat and give you a certificate to prove it. You can sell your fur coat on resale websites like eBay, Craigslist,, and for a small percentage of your profit.