Are iPod shuffles worth anything?

How Much Is an iPod Shuffle Worth? The price of your gadget depends on the generation and the condition. The older and more used the iPod is, the less money you can get for it. However, even if you have an old and broken gadget, you can still get some nice cash, which is definitely better than nothing.

How old is the iPod shuffle?

1st Generation Released on January 11, 2005, the first-generation iPod shuffle weighed 0.78 ounces (22 g) and was designed to be easily loaded with a selection of songs and to play them in random order.

How much did the iPod shuffle 2nd generation cost?

Announced in September 2006, the iPod shuffle (2nd Generation) was an even smaller than the original iPod shuffle. It now included a integrated clip, and used a small dock to connect rather than an integrated USB connector. It sold in a single 1 GB configuration for $79.

What colors does the iPod shuffle come in?


  • Space Gray.
  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Pink.
  • Blue.
  • Red – (PRODUCT)RED

Can I still use my iPod shuffle?

All replies. iTunes on macOS Mojave or earlier and Windows and Finder on macOS Catalina or later, still support the IPod shuffle just fine.

How can you tell what generation an iPod shuffle is?

iPod shuffles model numbers are printed in small type:

  1. A1373 — 4th Generation (The model number is printed on the part of the clip that touches the base).
  2. A1271 — 3rd Generation (The model number is printed at the bottom of the back, underneath the clip).

Do old iPod Shuffles still work?

Is iPod shuffle still supported?

Is this device no longer supported? iPod shuffle is still supported on iTunes 12.11 Windows.

Can iPod Shuffle still be used?

Can you sell an iPod Shuffle?

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