Are glasair kits still available?

After a “COVID pause” that slowed down operations at Glasair Aviation, the company is once again selling kits. While the Two Weeks to Taxi program is still on hold, the Sportsman kits have been updated to reduce the builder’s assembly time.

How much is a glasair 3 kit?

$96,995 USD
G3 complete kit cost $96,995 USD To place an order and reserve your spot a 20% refundable deposit is required. The first kits are already in production.

How many hours to build a Glasair 3?

Baker estimates that the average builder will be able to finish the aircraft in about 1200-1800 hours depending on the builders skill set.

Is glasair aerobatic?

With its Lycoming engine, the Glasair is a fast, sleek, aerobatic cross-country machine that will take you across the country in mere hours, not days.

Is glasair out of business?

Current Status. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the US economy, and direction from our parent company, the Jilin Hanxing Group, Glasair Aviation USA will pause sales and manufacturing operations until further notice.

How much does a glasair cost?

The cost for the Sportsman Diesel is $249,000 while the standard Sportsman is $189,250. However, there are some hidden benefits that are included in the diesel version, such as the constant speed propeller.

How much does a turbine legend cost?

TURBINE LEGEND • $275,000…

How much is a GlaStar airplane?

Stoddard-Hamilton breaks the Glasair mold

Stoddard-Hamilton GlaStar Base kit price: $19,900
Powerplant Teledyne Continental IO-240-A or IO-240-B
Recommended TBO 2,000 hr
Propeller Sensenich fixed-pitch, 72-inch diameter

Is the turbine legend pressurized?

The plan is to have his Piston Legend racing at Reno this September. And they have designed and have a prototype in assembly for a pressurized version which will have an 8,500 foot cabin at FL280.