Are Bussmann fuses interchangeable?

The two are not interchangeable. Two categories of plug fuses are available.

What size is an AGC fuse?

AGC 3AG Glass fuse Eaton’s AGC fast-acting, glass tube 1/4″ x 1-1/4″ ferrule fuses are designed to UL 248-14 for overcurrent protection of electronic circuits.

What are FNQ fuses used for?

Series FNQ-R, ATQR, and KLDR handle inductive loads from devices such as control transformers and solenoids. UL Class CC fuses provide a high interrupting rating and current limitation for overcurrent protection of branch circuits, control circuits, lighting, transformers, and general loads.

What is Bussmann fuse?

Bussmann series fuses play a major role in industrial or commercial facilities by providing reliable, maximum protection to power systems. Their physical size or rejection features prevent replacing a fuse with one from another fuse class.

Are fuse types interchangeable?

A fuse is composed of a housing, fuse element and contacts, and they vary in size and configuration. They come in either blade or cartridge-style. ATO fuses and ATC fuses are regular-sized automotive blade fuses. They are interchangeable, provided the amperage rating is the same.

What does TL mean on a fuse?

SL and TL fuses are medium-duty time-delay fuses and are now the most commonly used plug fuses found in home electrical systems.

What does AGC mean in fuses?

all glass
Datasheet. Originally stood for “all glass.” The automotive industry uses the “AG” prefix (AGC, AGW) for most glass fuses. They vary in length, diameter and amperage rating.

What is a AGC fuse used for?

AGC fuses provide fast acting overcurrent protection for electrical circuits. They are simple to install and the translucent glass body makes identification of a blown fuse a simple task to identify.

What is class CC fuse?

Class CC fuses. These non-renewable fuses are current-limiting and intended for the protection of components sensitive to short-time overloads, non-inductive loads, and short-circuit protection of motor circuits. Current ratings range from 0A to 30A, and the voltage rating is 600VAC.

What are fuse classes?

UL Fuse Classification Chart

G TIME-DELAY 100,000

Is Eaton and Bussmann same?

Eaton manufactures over 50,000 Bussmann series part numbers, covering extensive fusible circuit protection solutions for a wide range of applications: residential, industrial, motor protection, power conversion and distribution.