Are Badagas high caste?

The Badagas are classified as Backward Class in Tamil Nadu through constitutional orders.

What is Badaga caste?

The Badagas are an ethno-linguistic community living in the Nilgiri district in Tamil Nadu, India. Throughout the district the Badugas live in nearly 400 villages, called Hattis. The Badagas speak a language called Badaga.

Are Badagas lingayats?

“The Udayas, Adhikaris and Kanakas are Lingayats in religion, and the other three, the Haruvas, Badagas, and Toreyas are Saivites.” Of the six divisions referred to, the Udayas and Toreyas are endogamous, but intermarriage is per- missible between the other four.

What is Badaga wedding?

Wedding. Badaga wedding is not a usual Hindu wedding. Even the preparations for marriage and the customary feast after the marriage, called Maduve Hittu is organized by the groom’s side. The wedding ceremony usually take place in the groom’s place. The bride’s side arrive at the place of the groom early in the morning.

Are Badagas kannadigas?

Yes. Badaga is a Kannada dialect. Sweet language.

How are you Badaga?

Badaga Language. ” Ollenge iddiya? – How are you?” ‘Suddi saddha ella olliththa? – (Roughly) ‘ How is everything? ‘

Is Badaga a Dravidian language?

Badaga is a southern Dravidian language spoken by the Badaga people of the Nilgiris district of Northwest Tamil Nadu. The language is closely related to the Kannada language.

What is the meaning of Badaga?

Definition of Badaga 1a : a Dravidian agricultural people of southern India. b : a member of such people. 2 : the dialect of Kanarese that is the language of the Badaga people.

Is Badaga a Brahmin?

Badagas were not under the influence of caste system in any part of their history.

How many Badaga villages are there in Nilgiris?

The Badagas are the largest aboriginal Tribes of the Nilgiri district. Nilgiris was originally a tribal land. The Badagas live in nearly 303 villages, called “Hattis”, throughout the district.

Who is Hethai Amman?

‘Hethai Habba’ is the main festival of the indigenous Badaga community who live in over 300 villages in the Nilgiris. Badagas offer special poojas to Hethai Amman, the presiding deity in 14 villages including Perakani, Jekathala, Onnathalai, Pethuva.

How do you say good morning in Badaga?

– Orakkadhu [morning] / Hagalu [afternoon] / santhu [evening], aena hittu thindhi?