Are ATK remanufactured engines any good?

ATK brand of engines is generally good, but a couple of complaints from their customers show that their warranty is not the best. Moreover, they are known to have less than stellar customer service. Their robust engines are a perfect choice for you if you cannot get the parts from other reliable manufacturers.

Who builds ATK engines?

Building Performance Engines Since 1936 ATK Engines is proud to maintain a 70+ year history of engine building. ATK’s sister company, VEGE Moteren, was founded in Holland in 1936 and developed their business by remanufacturing components for ex-military vehicles left in Europe by American forces following World War II.

Are ATK Engines remanufactured?

ATK North America is the largest private label Crate Engine Remanufacturer in North America. Partnered with our sister company, VEGE de Mexico, ATK VEGE has a history of Remanufacturing that dates back to 1936.

Do ATK engines have a warranty?

Warranty terms will vary with application but will generally be: High-Performance Engines – 2 years, unlimited miles. High-Performance Marine – 18 months, unlimited hours. High-Performance Short Blocks – 90 days.

Where is West Coast engines located?

West Coast Engines has two locations. Our 15,295 sqft manufacturing facility is in downtown Spokane, Washington. The headquarters is in San Diego, California and this is where administrative and online operations take place.

Are BluePrint engines good?

With over 30 years of experience, BluePrint Engines is continually investing in its own manufacturing processes to offer high-quality crate engines at a great value.

Does Lkq sell remanufactured engines?

LKQ Corporation and its subsidiaries distributes a broad range of new, recycled, remanufactured and reconditioned automotive and truck replacement products through its company owned and operated locations. Our remanufactured engine line includes gasoline engines for automobile, light and medium duty trucks.

Does Summit Racing sell motors?

Crate Engines/Motors | Summit Racing.

How long do BluePrint Engines last?

What about labor if you can’t do everything yourself? Have a set price in mind with a little wiggle room just in case. Be sure to know your warranty inside and out. At BluePrint Engines, we give our engines the industry’s best-in-class warranty for 30 months or 50,000 miles.

Are BluePrint Engines broken in?

It has been specially formulated with the following benefits to break in your new engine and get you started with all the proper additives to ensure a long engine life. The benefits of our break-in oil are: Increases high-temp film strength, oil pressure and compression at all RPM ranges.

Are LKQ engines tested?

LKQ performs both internal testing and hires independent testing agencies to evaluate the quality of our parts. We do not procure parts that compromise safety. All parts are carefully inspected throughout the dismantling and order-fulfillment process.