After driverless cars, here comes the mind controlled cars


We are poised to enter an era that self-guided, autonomous or driverless cars will dominate the roads and highways worldwide.

The vast majority of carmakers worldwide are already pouring a lot of efforts to come up with driverless cars that will not require drivers and it will be filled with a lot of features.

Now there is a game-changing and groundbreaking feature that is cinched to surface out in the car niche, if ever its production will push through in the coming years.

A research team from the Nankai University in China has developed a mind controlled car prototype which is first in the industry and it is tipped to gain worldwide attention.

According to the research team, the vehicle can be driven forward, backward, stopped, locked and unlocked all from the backseat of the vehicle with by pouncing on the power of the mind, sounds much more like Dr. Xavier of the X-Men, eh.

The automobile can also be locked and unlocked without the user pushing a button and just necessitates the driver to focus on shifting the state of the vehicle, such as breaking.

The car boasts of 16 EEG (electroencephalogram) sensors that capture signals from the brain of the driver to activate the vehicle.

Researcher Zhang Zhao told Reuters that “The tester’s EEG signals are transmitted to the brain signal-reading equipment and sent wirelessly to the computer.”

The system sorts out brain activity and categorizes the signals into intentions. The computer then transforms the signals into commands for the automobile.

However, the mind-controlled vehicle has issues over its legality and its production could be delayed due to its lack of benefits as compared to the driverless cars.

If ever it will overcome the hurdles, though, it is interesting to see how it performs in actual roads and how it will fare well with self-driving automobiles.

Source: skynews.com