Another Dead Baby Whale Spotted, Now in Solana Beach


Beachgoers have found a dead baby whale washed up ashore along the southern part of Solana Beach on Friday morning. It looks like the number of dead whales washed ashore is increasing during the past months.

Several reports are showing one-by-one saying that a dead whale, baby or adult, was washed ashore a beach. Could this be a sign of the effects of global warming on marine life, or is it just a plain natural death?

The witness saw a 22-foot long carcass at the edge of the water in Del Mar Shores area of Southern Solana Beach around 7:30 in the morning, according to lifeguard Sgt. Greg Uruburu.

Solana Beach Lifeguards bet that the whale has already been dead for several days before it washed on the beach. They immediately called the National Marine Fisheries Service to harness the body, and they are now making tests to determine the actual cause of death of the animal.

They had to wait for low tide before they got to load the whale using a heavy-lifting machine then onto the flatbed truck which will then be transported to Miramar Landfill. Uruburu said the team successfully removed the whale from the beach by three in the afternoon.

The whale is believed to be only about 1 to 2 years old based on its length and density. A National Marine Fisheries Service employee did notice that the whale seemed undernourished which could give one reason why it died at such a young age.

Steve Price posted a video on his Twitter account showing how the whale looked like on the beach. “Here’s some video I just took of the baby whale that washed ashore in Solana Beach, Removal will begin after 1:30.” You can visit his account @PriceCBS8 to watch the video.

People are warned that the beach area is still on high surf warning which is estimated to last until late Sunday afternoon, so be informed if you have any plans of visiting the beach.

Source: CBS8.com