Woman Dies After Getting Butt Lift Surgery in Florida


A 25-year-old woman reportedly died after she got a cosmetic surgery in South Florida.

The police said that the woman, Ranika Hall, died shortly after she travelled to Florida to get a Brazilian butt lift surgery. Reports state that the woman lost consciousness and eventually stopped breathing.

Hall was at Hialeah’s Eres Plastic Surgery to get cosmetic surgery when the incident occurred. Reports state that Hall has left behind a one-year-old daughter and her grandparents are distraught because of her death.

According to WPLG TV-10, a local ABC affiliate in southern Florida, Hall had the procedure done at Eres Plastic Surgery, a business previously known as Encore Plastic Surgery, Vanity Cosmetic Surgery and IQuest Surgery Center.

There was another similar incident at the same location, where a young woman named Heather Meadow passed away last May after undergoing the same procedure Hall went through, although with another doctor.

At the time when Meadow died,the facility hosting Eres Plastic Surgery was called Encore Plastic Surgery and also had a different owner, according to NBC 6 nows reports.

At least eleven women have died after getting a plastic surgery since 2010, with most of the deaths involving Brazilian Butt lift. According to the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation report, the researchers have found out that a patient had 20 times higher chances of dying because of a Brazilian Butt Lift than any other cosmetic surgery procedure.

The procedure, Brazilian Butt Lift, involves removing fat from a person’s stomach or back and injecting it into the buttocks of a person to gift it a filler appearance.

Hall’s mother, Nicole, has set up a GoFundMe page to get enough money to bring her daughter’s body back from Florida to Kansas City for a proper burial ritual.

Source: nola


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