Windows 10 OS Now Allows Users To Request Android Developers To Make Windows Store Apps


Microsoft, for over the past 40 years, has  been coming out with some of the most innovative updates and upgrades of recent times, and has been a company which has been dedicated to the cause of taking software and OS technology to the next level. With the Windows 10 OS, the company has done just that, and has managed to bring out a large number of changes into the markets. The company had also been planning of a major step in the past, that of bringing Android apps to the Windows Store with Project Astoria, however that has all been shunned and the company has an alternate plan of action.

Android on Windows 10

The company is now making the users request the developers to bring their android apps to the windows store. This was an update which was first noticed when the company released a developers preview and insiders update, where the users can now mirror Android notifications on PC and PC notifications on their phone.

With this update, every time a user gets an android app notification on PC, they can simply click a ‘request app’ button and get redirected to the UserVoice Channel of the Windows Store, where they can ask the developers of these Android apps to develop a Windows Store version of their app.

This will help the developers realize that there is indeed a demand in the Windows Store too. This is a good move from Microsoft, and the company is indeed trying to gain more traction towards their Windows 10 OS devices.

The company has been trying hard to get the Window 10 devices popular in the markets, but they have been failing when it comes to the Windows 10 Mobile devices. Microsoft, otherwise has done a commendable job with the Windows 10 OS. More changes are expected to follow soon.


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