Facebook Messenger App Comes Out For Windows 10 Mobile OS Users


Facebook, over the past several years, has been among the leaders when it comes to the markets of social media technology. The company has been growing in size and has been booming like a true giant. There have been several changes which have been made over the years to the company, and it has now been anticipated that Facebook will be making several changes to the way the markets of technology function. The company has been developing its own ecosystem of apps for the iOS and the Android platforms, but like many other major companies, continues to ignore Windows 10 Mobile users. However, in a new update, Facebook has now officially released the Facebook Messenger app for the users of the Windows 10 Mobile.


The app is now available on the Windows Store for free of cost. Since this year, the company has started focusing on the Windows devices, as they released the Facebook Messenger app for the Windows 10 PC and tablets in April. Now they make their presence felt on the Windows 10 Mobile OS devices as well.

The app not only works on the Windows 10 Mobile OS, but also on the Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The app offers the users nearly every feature that the Android and iOS users have, including the ability to change themes, change username, do group conversations, send stickers, and even send gif images.

The Facebook Messenger is the company’s second most popular app after their primary Facebook app. The Messenger is now close to hitting the 1 billion user mark, and now Windows Phone devices too, have something to contribute to the numbers! Facebook is finally paying attention to the need of the users on the Windows Phone devices, giving it major credibility and showing the markets yet again that there still is hope in the Windows Phone devices.


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