Wanted: iOS Users to be Beta Testers for Cortana

Cortana on iOS , Microsoft has launched the Beta Program ...

Microsoft will welcome its personal digital assistant Cortana that will be introduced to the mobile operating system of Apple mobile devices. This might be the end for the much-beloved Siri.

It was announced on Tuesday that Redmond has started recruiting iOS users who will be testing a beta version of the pp before it will be formally launched. Interested applicants should remember that they should be a member of Microsoft’s Window Insider Program to be considered, and will need to complete a short questionnaire.

The questions are pretty simple such as which iPhone you are using, what version of iOS do you have in your iPhone’s operating system, the frequency of you using Cortana on Windows, and last is the country where you live in. At this time, the beta version is only available in the U.S. and China so testers are likely to come from those countries.

The digital personal assistant Cortana will be of great help in doing basic tasks like scheduling events, sending emails, and searching files on your device, the cloud or even the Web. Furthermore, it will remind you of your schedule and mention reminders whenever it is utmost needed.

Initially, the iOS version won’t be as good as the version installed on Windows, but Microsoft has a plan to frequently update the app with all the features it need and functionality it deserves over the next few months to keep Cortana users pleased and happy with their new assistant.

Microsoft said on a statement, “While there are some features you’ll use on Windows that we don’t (yet) support on iOS phones (like saying ‘Hey Cortana’ to wake her up), we’ve focused on making Cortana on iOS the perfect companion to your Windows experience.”

Participants who made through the cut of Microsoft’s requirements in testing the beta version of Cortana will receive a download link via email in the next few weeks to complete their task.

On the other hand, Microsoft just released a beta version of Cortana for Android devices that is easily downloadable on Google Play.

Source: asia.pcmag.com



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