‘The Walking Dead’ Update: A Close Up on The Cell Episode


Two weeks after the shocking season starter of “The Walking Dead”, it is now time to know what happened to The Savior’s new captive, Daryl, in The Cell. After the bloody encounter, the aftermath moment between Daryl and Dwight has come, and at this time, darkness is all upon Daryl.

According to Vox, this might be one of the boring episodes of the show. Better not to expect some action-packed scenes, but go ahead and brace yourself for some mind boggle as you’ll need some advanced listening and thinking skills to break down the conversations going on. You also need to watch out for some signs that might be a link to the past or future event.

As for Negan, he is still the boss carrying the stance of the villain we never had for a long time. The Verge also attests to this. Remember how he does the mind tricks over Rick’s group to cast out fear? He is the total package of a psychopath and sustains it by torturing Daryl until he submits to him and be a “Negan.”

You should notice the spray paint on Daryl’s sweatshirt. Does this mark ring a bell from the Terminus episode in season four? What could be the Saviors connection to Terminus? This is just one of the signs to look out for as announced by The Hollywood Reporter.

Get to know more of the dark secrets of the mad boss as you meet Negan’s wives, yes wives. One of them is Dwight’s now ex-wife. This is just one of the bitter revelations of this scarred tough man’s story.

As the episode progresses towards the end, The Verge reveals that Daryl finds himself seeing through Dwight’s story of working hard to survive this brutal order. Could Dwight also see something in Daryl that he can relate to? There’s more to find out when these two badass men figure out themselves if they can be called out for a joint mission within the walls of the Sanctuary.


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