Volkswagen recall list published

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Volkswagen recall list published

Volkswagen announced owners of 2009-2Volkswagen Jetta TDI – Video - 015 TDI diesel vehicles to search online to see if their cars are in the recall list.

Today we are receiving reports, that European Volkswagen Passengers Cars owner may log in their website and see if their car is the recall list:

Unfortunately for American Volkswagen passenger cars owner, the formal announcement for 482,000 diesel cars is yet to come, in the meanwhile the cars are rapidly loosing values, Volkswagen are working on a fix, but owners are simply stuck with their cars.

Car Dealers report that prices of the TDI diesel models have dropped by 6.5% during the month of September, we can only assume that given recent news, this drop is only increasing. Average car prices dropped by 1200 USD, starting September 18–the day the scandal broke.

Volkswagen has not announced which changes will be needed to bring cars into compliance with emissions test, but both software and hardware changes may be required, depending on the model and year of manufacturing.

Yesterday we reported that on top of the the 11M cars already reported to have misleading softwares and hardware to cheap pollution tests, Volkswagen will investigate to see if other cars (Diesel and not Diesel) also have similar softwares installed. The NY Times reported that the cars they are looking at now are W’s Passat, Jetta and Golf lines, all are running a separate EA 189 motor line.

Readers should note that all cars already affected have an EA 189 Motor line, this is including the VW’s Passat. The above news follow Reuters report from earlier in the week which claimed the car maker actually had several different emissions cheating solutions. This makes total sense, there are several engine models, they will require different software to achieve the test results required by emissions tests.