Volkswagen Passenger Cars , now its a recall


Volkswagen has recalled their popular Polo hatchback model from the Indian market. The recall is effective for all POLO sold cars in India effective NOW!volkswagen_logo

Volkswagen luck seems not be turning around any time soon, only a few short week after their emissions scandal, Volkswagen has made a major recall in India, request all POLO hatchback models to present the car on authorized garages around the country.

Rumors have said that this recall and the emission scandal are both linked, but  Volkswagen completely denies this allegations and said that the real reason behind the recall is a faulty handbrakes.

An order have been sent to the dealers  nationwide to stop selling all Polo cars. The dealers have also received a list of cars that are manufactured in the September batch.

quality assurance team says, “the batch has shown some problems in the handbrake cable retention levers. The levers can break or malfunction under certain conditions.”

“Customers who are been identified to have faulty cars will be contacted by their dealers. After this, they need to go to the dealer to fix their car. The instructions to fix the car has been provided to the outlets and it will take around one hour to fix everything.”

“We request, not to physically deliver any Polo vehicle (all variants) with immediate effect till further notice from VW,” from the letter sent to dealers

With all the turmoils surrounding them, the company is still on the path of the growth in the past six months.The company have produced and sold more then 30,000 cars in india during the month of September. At the moment the stock price, as well as sales have not seen a downside, but time will tell whether Volkswagen can find its way out of this hard days .


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