Viral story of couple finding out they are twins is fake


The viral story of a married couple finding out that they were twins when they went through the IVF procedure to have a baby appears to be fake.

The story mentioned that a couple, who was struggling to conceive a baby, discovered that they were biological twins after they decided to opt for an IVF procedure.

The article also stated that the doctors at the fertility lab found their DNA to be abnormally similar, and the lab technicians believed that the couple may be cousins, however they ruled it out because their DNA was too similar.

The doctors then decided to tell the couple about the similarity of their DNA and that might be twins. The couple at first laughed at the information saying that it cannot be. The couple said that they have been told about how similar they are but they think that is just a coincidence.

The story, covered in Mississippi Herald, stated that the doctors however told the couple that they had no doubt that they were siblings, going by their DNA. The story went viral and was picked up by the mainstream media.

However, it appears that it originated from a suspected fake news website called the Mississippi Herald, and did not provide significant information like the names of the couple to validate the authenticity of the story.

The story reportedly came from an unnamed doctor who worked at an unnamed clinic in Jackson, Mississippi. Many readers online raised suspicion over the authenticity of the article as they could not find any evidence of the Mississippi Herald newspaper online.

Some thought that the website may be affiliated with the Mississippi Sun-Herald, a daily newspaper based in Biloxi.

However, the Night editor of Mississippi Sun-Herald Kim Anderson told the Mirror that there is no Mississippi Herald.
“Our web editor is aware of this story and the Mississippi Herald appears to be the only source of this news,” Anderson said.


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