If Your UberPOOL Reaches Your Destination Late, You Now Get $2 From Uber


Uber has been a name which has been making it to the news very frequently these days. The world’s largest startup has been expanding to newer heights and has been achieving much more than anyone ever imagined they would. Their cab hailing services have been among some of the most popularly used features around the world and Uber has now become a household name with the help of these services. The company keeps innovating their offerings, and in a latest update, they have now been offering the UberPOOL users with $2 credit in case they reach their destination later than promised.

Uber Schedule Rides

The UberPOOL service was announced in the August of 2014, and it has since been one of the most popular Uber services. It is the simple use of a car pooling service at a much broader level, and has been working well for the company. The riders can now ride comfortably, with only having to pay a fraction of what they would normally pay, by sharing a ride with other passengers.

UberPOOL now shows the users the time they would take to reach their destination, and in case they do not reach their in the promised time limit, they would be getting a $2 credit from Uber. The company has specified that there would be no deductions from the drivers pay, and that the company would bear the expense.

The company has announced that this feature would start from the city of LA, and would soon roll out to the rest of the cities where the company is operational at.

Uber has been updating a lot of their services recently, and their last big update saw them innovating the services for the drivers, as they introduced a large number of driver oriented updates. You can read our complete story on those updates HERE.


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