Two Measles Cases reported in Shelby County, Health Officials Warn People


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The health officials in US have suggested parents to get their children vaccinated for measles if they are not already vaccinated. Recent reports of two confirmed cases of measles on the Shelby County has worried the Health Department and they want to deter any further occurrence.

The department is currently closely working with the local clinicians in order to identify and treat the people or children who possibly came in contact with the two children and might have been infected.

Measles is a viral infection that can pose a serious threat particularly for children and those who are not vaccinated against the virus. The health officials had thought that measles had been eradicated from america about 16 years ago but recent cases of the infection have created a concern among health officials.

One of the main reason behind such occurrence is that certain parents refuse to vaccinate their children due to religious reasons or fear of any complications. It is considered that measles have reappeared in the United States because of this non-vaccination, the first recurrence of the infection was recorded in the year 2015 in a California amusement park, the infection is believed to have spread from there to other states.

Reports state that the number of cases of measles increased between the year 2000 and 2015, however, as of April 1, there have been only four reported cases of the infections yet in the US. In order to avoid the spread of the infection, the health experts have advised those who are exhibiting measles symptoms and have not been vaccinated to immediately contact their health care providers through phone.

A news report published by Wbbjtv stated, “The Tennessee Department of Health is investigating the cases after the CDC confirmed two people in Shelby County have the highly contagious infection. The state Department of Health is urging all Tennesseans to have heightened awareness about the measles and its symptoms.”

Those who get contaminated with the infection can spread the infection four days before developing a rash and four days after developing a rash.

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