TorrentFreak Claims Game of Thrones Is The Most Pirated Show Of The Year:


Piracy has been one of the rising issues of the modern times. While the governments across the globe are getting stricter with more laws being enforced against this, the pirates, too, are getting smarter and the world at large is witnessing a major tech revolution. While the piracy websites are slammed with several bans and fines, they always tend to find a way out. Often, television shows and movies are the biggest sources of leaked content. As per torrentfreak reports, it is Game of Thrones which takes the cake in 2015.

HBO’s Game of Thrones has witnessed the most number of downloads in the year, and the season finale, especially was the hottest of them all. With 14.4 Million illegal downloads across the planet, it became the most pirated episode of 2015. The season finale, which was titled ‘Mothers Mercy’ witnessed  several  shocking incidents, including the deaths of Jon Snow and Stannis Baratheon. The Game of Thrones season 5 finale also witnessed Cersei taking the walk of shame, and Arya ends up developing an eye-disorder making her blind. game-thrones

With such interesting turn of events happening in the final episode of the season, the show was bound to get popular with the fans, however, this was really off the charts with 14.4 million downloads! However, this was no new feat for Game of Thrones as the show has also been the most popular show according to download numbers since 2012.

Additional numbers indicate that AMC’s Walking Dead and CBS’ The Big Bang Theory have been the second and third most popular shows according to download numbers. Arrow, Mr. Robot and Supergirl were also very popular with the downloaders.

The growth of piracy has been affecting the television industry in a negative manner. With streaming services already taking away a large number of audiences from them, Piracy has been acting as a factor taking away audiences from TV on the other end.


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